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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Top 5 Worse MLB Uniforms of All Time

It's been 143 years since Major League Baseball was born, and unlike most professional
organized sports, very little changes have been made over that span.

Other than the adoption of a 162-game schedule in 1961, the designated hitter adaptation by
the American League back in 1973, and this year's format change in the division wild car series.
The sport has taken pride in standing on its own when it comes to how the game is played on the

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the uniforms players have had to wear on those

Call it a marketing faux pas, a promotional scheme gone bad, or a wild reflection of some
fashionista's quirky imagination, but in many cases these uniforms were so bad they should have
been illegal.

So here is our take on the Top 5 worst team uniforms in Major League Baseball history.

Some one call the fashion police quick, I believe there are multiple counts of “Crimes of Fashion”
going here.

5. The San Diego Padres (1972) -- Holy crap that's a lot of yellow. Like the Pittsburgh Pirates
the San Diego Padres both decided at one time in their franchise history that it was a fashion
statement to wear all yellow. These uniforms have since been worn on a few occasions on
throwback nights, but for the most part were lost in the 70s like Peter Frampton's hair. In a time
when every player was sporting a Ron Jeremy porn star mustache, the only thing that could
made these uniforms more repulsive was if they came in bell bottoms. To make matters worse,
the Padres had to wear yellow at home and on the road. Bottom line, this uniform is
that should never be repeated in major league baseball

4. Houston Astros (1975-1993)-- Houston, we have a problem. There have been plenty of
nicknames for these uniforms that almost lasted two decades in Houston. So I am at a loss to
add anything witty here. However, the only thing more astonishing about the Astros’ old “orange
rainbow” uniforms is how damn long they stuck around.  Will we ever see another uniform more
shocking? Whether it’s the yellow and orange hues combined with blue long sleeves, or the
numbers on the pants, it was never a question whether this outfit would make our list… it was
simply where.

3. Miami Marlins (2012) --While the rest of the uniforms on our list have the benefit of being
trapped in the 70s where avocado green appliances, orange sofas, and men's powder blue
polyester suits were king. The next uniform on our list is from this year's Miami Marlins. This is
not going to help increase the second attendance worst in baseball. Although you can't blame
Marlins' management for feeling the need to do something drastic to help boost fan morale,
like building a new start-of-the art stadium and hiring a new manager. These new uniforms are
a Technicolor nightmare, like rainbow toe-socks. While the Marlins may have left their football
stadium's orange seats, they're taking the color with them in another way. Orange jerseys
with orange belts and orange caps with yellow bills? What is this team, the 1976 Tampa Bay


2. Baltimore Orioles (1971)--We thought the only thing worse than the Marlins' new orange
and yellow unis, was the retina-searing all-orange ensemble that bedecked the 1971 Baltimore
Orioles. While the colors definitely fit the team’s namesake, these pumpkin-themed uniforms are
more suited for Halloween, and that would have been okay if the 70s Orioles were one the
still playing baseball in late October. To us they look like traffic cones.

1. Chicago White Sox  (1976)- Look shorts and baseball don't mix. The fact that the jersey

also had a collar does not make things any better.  Yes, this was actually an idea that

someone came up with and is by far the worst uniform ever made. Of course, there is nothing

wrong with this ensemble if you're playing a rugby match, or working as a driver for UPS.

Thank God this act of arbitrary ridiculousness was only worn for one game of a double-

header on August 8, 1976. Heck, even the visiting Kansas City Royals where heckling the

Sox ( yes, the one time the Royals were allowed to make fun of another team), prompting

Chicago to trade out the shorts for pants for the evening game.

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